Paradors Game Range is situated in the beautiful Krokodilpoort in the Lowveld region 25km outside Nelspruit.

The terrain and surrounding s comprises of open grass lands and dense bush to give a hunter the best of both worlds. As the game population matured and increased over years, it became necessary to control the numbers through hunting. The farm is enclosed with game fencing and hunting is done annually.

We are proud of the large amount of species found on the farm: buffalo, kudu, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, tsessebee, giraffe, zebra, nyala, blesbuck, mountain reedbuck, bushbuck, impala, duiker and warthog. Quotas are set aside annually for hunters.

For hunting enquiries contact Johan on 082 462 6312.

Paradors Game Ranch Hunting Rules

  • No alcohol is allowed while hunting.
  • No hunter under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to hunt.
  • Hunters must be accompanied by a guide, unless arranged otherwise.
  • No travelling with loaded rifles.
  • No smoking whilst in the hunting field.
  • Wounded animals must be paid in full.
  • Hunters to comply with their agreed quota.
  • If an animal is wounded by accident, the hunter must pay that animal in full.
  • Hunting or wounding a species not appearing on the quota will be charged in full
    and an additional fee of 50% of the price will be charged. The hunter will also forfeit the carcass.
  • Hunting will take place between 7h00 and 16h30, should skinners and trackers be required
    later than 16h30, the hunter will be billed additional for this service.
  • There are certain areas where no hunting is allowed; check with your guide.
  • Each hunter must present a firearm license for each firearm brought onto the premises.
  • Hunters will be required to shoot a grouping of two shots within a circle of 100mm to a
    target at 100m to assess if the hunter has the required shooting skills.
  • Professional hunters are responsible / liable for size, species or selection of game hunted.
  • Guides are not responsible / liable for size, species or selection of game hunted. This
    responsibility stays with the PH or hunter.
  • No meat or animal part may be removed from the premises without the correct permits.
  • No hunting on Sundays unless arranged otherwise.
  • No person will be allowed on the premises without a signed indemnity form.
  • ¬†All accounts to be settled before departure unless arranged otherwise.
  • ¬†Paradors Game Ranch and its staff and management reserve the right to stop any person
    from entering and or continue with the hunt for any reason whatsoever.
  • Animals hunted that are within Rowland Ward standards will be loaded an additional fee of
    15% of the list price.
  • If a shot is taken and deemed to be missed i.e. no signs of an animal being wounded, R100
    will be charged for the missed shot.